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the anti-social sociologist
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Hank McCoy
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x-men cinematic

Aurae Le Paulmier
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musebox @ [community profile] caravanning; [plurk.com profile] sociologize

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Well, mostly. I've decided to make this journal mostly Friends Only for my own personal reasons, but feel free to leave a comment to be added! I will usually add anyone back, but if you're here for fic, well. You're in the wrong place, and should head over to [info]doink.

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I want to send out cards! Let me send you holiday cards!

Comments are screened, I'm sure you all know the drill. If you aren't comfortable leaving your address here, though, you can e-mail me at tirescannotdefeatme @ gmail.


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Who did you play in the past? Because we know who we play now, but fuck if I know who some of you are still.

Also putting this here cuz lolz.

So tell us who you are! Who you play! And who you USED to play!

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Since I haven't updated this in forever anyway, I may as well.

I AM OFFICIALLY MOVING OVER TO DREAMWIDTH. And thus abandoning this journal to the pits of LJ.

If you have a DW, feel free to friend me! I'm over at [personal profile] tonberry, and while I don't update nearly as often as I used to, I still follow people. ♥


Title: Possession, Mark, Share, Hide, Revenge, Ribbons
Canons: Air Gear, Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 . . . ish?
Notes: Random drabbles written in small fits of madness and prompting from [personal profile] jevana. May not be coherent.

Six random drabbles.Collapse )

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Crossposted from Dreamwidth.

Just a PSA: HOLIDAY CARDS</b> I will be filling mine out and sending them by the end of the week ♥

If you've got two or three seconds to spare, head on over this way and help a girl out with her paper? ♥ Thanks in advance!

I am a srs sociologist, doing srs polls.

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